Create a google ads account

Create a google ads account refers to the process of openning an account on the Google Ads platform for displaying search ads. Below are the general steps for setting up a Google Search Ads account: 1. Visit the Google Ads Platform: Firstly, visit the official website of the Google Ads platform and click on the "Get Started" or "Sign Up" button; 2. Create an Account: Users need to provide necessary information such as email address, company name, etc., and make a new advertising account. 3. Set Up google ads Account: After creating an account, users need to configure basic account information, including time zone, currency, payment methods, etc.; 4. Choose Ad Type: Users need to select the type of ad they want to create. In this case, select 'Search Ads' as the ad type; 5. Create Ad Groups: Create one or more ad groups within the ad account. Each ad group typically corresponds to a specific ad campaign, containing a set of related keywords and ad text; 6. Select Keywords: Users need to choose keywords relevant to their business, which will trigger their ads to appear when users search; 7. Write Ad Text: Users need to craft compelling ad copy to appear in the ad slots on search results pages when relevant searches are conducted; 8. Set Budget and Delivery Method: Finally, users need to set the budget and delivery method for their ads, including daily budget, bidding strategy, etc. After completing these steps, users can display their ads on Google Search and attract potential customers to click and interact.

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