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Google keyword advertising is a form of online advertising, also known as search advertising or search engine marketing (SEM). It involves displaying ads on Google search result pages to users based on specific keyword relevance. These ads typically appear in text form at the top or bottom of the search results page, correlating with the search queries entered by users. When a user enters a specific keyword in the Google search bar, ads related to that keyword are displayed on the search results page. Advertisers can choose which keywords trigger their ad displays and pay Google based on either clicks or impressions, a payment model commonly referred to as cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM).One of the main advantages of Google keyword advertising is its ability to precisely target potential customers as it is based on user search intent. By selecting appropriate keywords and crafting compelling ad texts, advertisers can effectively attract their target audience and increase traffic and sales to their website. This makes Google keyword advertising an indispensable part of many businesses' marketing strategies.

The Google advertising delivery platform mainly includes the following core products and services: Google Ads: Google Ads is the primary advertising delivery platform provided by Google. Advertisers can place ads on Google search results pages, YouTube, Gmail, and other Google-owned products and partner websites, and manage and optimize them through the ad bidding system. Google Display Network: The Google Display Network is an advertising network consisting of websites partnered with Google. Advertisers can place image, video, and rich media ads on these websites and select the positions for ad display based on audience characteristics and interests. YouTube Ads: As the world's largest video sharing platform, YouTube offers various advertising options, including video ads, display ads, and overlay ads. Advertisers can choose to display their ad content on YouTube in different ways. Google Shopping: Google Shopping is an advertising service for online retailers, allowing merchants to display their product images, prices, and store names in Google search results to increase exposure and clicks for their products. Google My Business: Google My Business provides a free online platform for businesses to manage their business information on Google search and maps, including addresses, contact information, and business hours, making it easy for customers to find and contact them. These platforms and services can be flexibly combined and used according to the needs and marketing objectives of advertisers, helping them achieve the best results and returns on advertising investment.

Google ads agency refers to the task of delegating the advertising of Google ads to professional agencies or individuals for management and execution. These agencies or individuals typically possess extensive digital marketing experience and expertise, enabling them to devise advertising strategies, manage ad accounts, optimize ad advertising effectiveness, and provide regular reporting and analysis based on client requirements. Through Google ads agencies, advertisers can fully leverage the professional capabilities and resources of these agencies or individuals to achieve more efficient ad advertising and better advertising results. Agency services typically include ad planning, keyword selection, ad creative design, budget management, regular monitoring, and optimization, aimed at helping advertisers achieve their marketing goals such as increasing brand exposure, enhancing website traffic, and improving sales performance. In summary, Google ads agency is a specialized advertising service model that helps advertisers better utilize the Google advertising platform, achieve marketing objectives, and achieve higher return on ad spend.

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