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Google independent site refers to a website that uses its own domain and is independently hosted, rather than relying on third-party platform hosting services. This type of website allows users to have complete control over its content and operation, without being subject to the limitations and controls of third-party platforms. Typically, independent sites have higher autonomy and flexibility, enabling website owners to better manage their online presence and make their own decisions regarding content, layout, and functionality. Therefore, compared to websites that rely on third-party platforms, Google independent sites offer greater freedom and control.

Google SEO optimization is the process of employing a series of strategies and techniques to improve a website's ranking and visibility on Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This involves optimizing various aspects such as website structure, content, and external links to meet the requirements of Google's search algorithm and enhance the website's ranking for specific keywords. Google optimization process includes keyword research, content optimization, technical optimization of the website, and establishing high-quality external links, all aimed at increasing organic traffic to the website and enhancing user experience.

Google marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes Google's platforms and tools, as well as Google's advertising services on its search engine, to promote products, services, or brands. This includes various forms of online advertising such as search ads, display ads, video ads, and app ads using the Google Ads platform. Google marketing also involves techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), managing Google My Business, YouTube video marketing, utilizing Google Maps, etc., to increase brand exposure, attract potential customers, and enhance sales volume and market share.

SEO optimization and marketing for Google independent sites can be implemented through the following methods: 1.Keyword research and optimization: By understanding the search habits of the target audience, selecting keywords with high relevance to the website content and moderate search volume, and applying them reasonably in the website's titles, descriptions, content, and tags. 2.Content optimization: Produce high-quality, original content, including articles, images, videos, etc., and ensure that the content is relevant to the keywords, meets user needs, and improves the website's ranking in search results. 3.Technical optimization: Optimize website structure and speed to ensure that the website is easy to crawl and index, improving user experience. 4.Establish high-quality external links: Increase website authority and credibility by obtaining high-quality backlinks from other websites, thereby improving ranking. 5.Google Ads placement: Combine Google Ads platform to place search ads, display ads, etc., to increase website exposure and traffic. 6.Regular optimization and monitoring: Regularly review and adjust optimization strategies, monitor keyword rankings and traffic changes, and continuously optimize based on data analysis results.

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